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Coolrec is a leader in the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment into high-quality recovered plastics, metals and other secondary raw material. From display screens to fridges and from ICT equipment to small household appliances. Coolrec is your e-waste partner.

Coolrec has eight specialist sites in four different countries and is therefore able to offer an integrated, international network for the processing of WEEE at the highest level. What is more, Coolrec uses the highest standards for safety and sustainability. That is how Coolrec manages to use 98% of old fridges usefully as new raw material or fuel. With major (international) manufacturers and a variety of leading compliant schemes behind it, Coolrec proves to be the right partner for all your e-waste issues: from safe and efficient collection through to sustainable processing and the use of recovered materials in production processes.

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Plastic Recycling

Plastics are sent to a subsidiary of Coolrec, PHB Recycling, where a new transformation process starts. The plastic shreds are cleaned and reprocessed here to create pure raw materials.

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